An interacitve story by Slavesin

Just play now: Willingly 0.05

Hi! I’m Slavesin, and this is my NSFW interactive novel “WILLINGLY”.

It’s a story about consensual BDSM and humiliation from an enthusiastic slave girl POV.
As a bottom, I always lacked such games - so now I write my own.

You take the role of a young girl who handcuffs and ball-gags herself - and then goes for a walk into the city.
Will you find a Master/Mistress or just troubles? Well… I’d say both!

A little hint: every decision you make in the story leads you down the unique path.
Yes, literally every decision. So be sure to try them all!

The story is strictly 18+

“Willingly” is in active development.
I’m adding new locations and story paths, so stay tuned for updates!

I have a Discord server. Come join me!

And now, enough chatting. It’s time to fasten your… bonds?... and play!

Current public version: Willingly 0.05